Sunday, October 5, 2008

My favorite time of the year

Some people are invigorated by the spring. I personally love the Fall more than any other time of the year. The feel in the air, the smells, the entire sense of things evolving and the temperatures changing gets to me, makes me feel more excited. Don't know what it is but I like it!

Yesterday I ambled out into the glorious warmth of the autumn day and saw the new movie "Appaloosa", made from the Robert Parker novel of that name.
It is, quite simply, WONDERFUL! It's in limited release right now, and fortunately for me it's in Kentucky.
It may very well be the new benchmark for western movies. The acting is superb, the photography is intelligent, the sets and the whole of the look of the movie is authentic and the visual impression is sumptuous. It is as good as it gets, for any movie, not just a western. It never once screams out "LOOK AT ME! WE'RE BEING CLEVER!!!" like some films do. And it has not ONE slow-motion sequence in it! It occurs in real time, just like real life!
When it comes to your town, go see it, you'll love it!
Oh, and of course, I should mention that the gun-handling is extremely well done, too. There's nothing about this movie not to like!

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Just Another Redneck said...

Finally got around to seeing this movie (based in part on your recommendation). You're right. It totally rocked. Very well written/acted, but what really struck me was the authenticity of the sets/props and the cinematography. Great story and shot beautifully. Hopefully will bring back the westerns in a major way.