Friday, October 24, 2008

The Para LTC 9mm is here!

Or rather, it's at my brother's house where it was delivered since he has the FFL. And he's out of town at a gun show. And I can't get it until Monday. Damn.

Oh well. I've waited this long and I can wait a little longer. There's ammo in boxes in the hall, two of Bill Wilson's 9mm Wilson Combat magazines for the 1911 in the safe (thanks, Bill!) and lots of time before the snows come to wring out this puppy and see if it's as good as Kerby says it is.
This is the gun that Kerby Smith of Para USA, Inc., whom I've known since I used to work as a Safety Officer at the IDPA Nationals, promised at the NRA show this spring to loan to me for T&E. I'd seen one of their little bitty LDA 9mm carry guns that Michael Bane's told you about the previous spring at the Jeff Cooper Memorial in New Mexico. I told Kerby that most of the folks who I knew were very interested in a Commander-sized 9mm for practice and training and instruction. So Kerby, being the generous soul that he is (or just plain nuts, you decide) agreed to send me one. Some delay and several emails later, which must have had Kerby pulling his hair and debating the wisdom of ever agreeing to do this, here it is. Or, here it ALMOST is! Nearly. Kinda. Sorta.
Not much longer now. Be still, my heart!

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