Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dogs - more amazing every day!

This is a story from the London Times Online about dogs going to war with their specops handlers - you can read it here.

They say the dogs don't have depth perception like we do so they don't have a fear of the fall, they just hang out and enjoy the view on the way to the ground. Wow.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why I reject the climate alarmists' hysteria

I have a friend who thinks I'm just a running dog lackey for the Republican party, despite my protestations that I'm not a slave to the GOP but a conservative person who only cares about the future of his country.

I've been sending him emails about the ongoing expose of the fraud of 'climate science' and the global warming alarmists - the Chicken Littles and their lemming supporters. Today he replied to one of those emails and I whipped out a response that pretty much lays out my thinking on the subject.
There's no way that one email or even one essay can encompass this subject, but I think that this is a fairly comprehensive statement in a brief form about why I object to the charlatans in the climate alarmist camp.

On Mar 3, 2010, at 07:30 AM, my friend wrote:
"So is it your position that we are, in fact, undergoing significant climate change -- but it's simply not the result of anything man has done? Or is it your position that disappearing glaciers, ice-caps and cold-climate wildlife are photographic illusions generated by skilled PhotoShop techies?"

And this was my reply -

Ask yourself - during the Medieval Warming Period, when the Earth was WARMER than it is now, where did the polar bears go? Where did the glaciers go? Did they vanish?
Quite obviously no, they didn't. Yet the Earth was substantially WARMER then than it is now. And it was a time of great improvement in the living conditions of humans in Europe, when the Dark Ages ended and the Renaissance began.
So did manking cause that warming, with the fires that they burned for heat? With the cars that they didn't have, the factories that didn't exist? Of course not.
So the Earth has always had periods of warming and cooling, long before humanity had ANY ability to cause it.
But the climate alarmists have tried to ignore this reality, have tried to suppress this evidence and have tried to stampede us into believing that we alone are responsible for it and if we don't change our entire way of life that the Earth is DOOMED.
If you dig around, you'll find that not all of the ice is melting, that many of the things that you've heard in Gore's movie and quoted in the media are false, deliberate lies that they avoid discussing and will not acknowledge. The polar bear population is as large as it's ever been and some scientists say that it's increasing! But Al Gore, who is NOT a scientist, still goes around telling the lie that the polar bears are going to drown if we don't stop our carbon use. He and others are telling us that our coasts will be covered with water when the icecaps melt. But does your glass overflow when the ice in it melts? Hmmm.
And some very distinguished scientists have called into question the entire notion of carbon dioxide being bad for the atmosphere or even being capable of causing climate change. They point out that CO2 is a TINY percentage of the gases involved in our atmosphere. Those graphs and that information are out there, if you pay attention to the science journals and go beyond listening to ABC or NBC or any of the mainstream media outlets who are busily repeating the lies and distortions of the climate alarmist.
The people who want most desperately for us to change our world, to go green, to give up oil have a vested interest in lying to us. They aren't content with way things are so they're willing to engage in any deception to force public opinion their way, to drive change in the direction that THEY choose.
Did you know how much mercury is in the compact fluorescent bulbs that they want to force us to use? Do you know that it's far more than the quantity that's in the fish that scares them so much? That if I spilt that much mercury on the floor in a hospital that I'd have to call for a hazmat cleanup? Yet they don't say a word about it because THEY want to force us to use them! And while they're screaming about nuclear waste disposal, they don't say a word about those bulbs going into landfills, or that they don't work in cold weather, because they believe that you MUST do things that way or the Earth is DOOMED! Next time you can't see outside in your driveway in cold weather because the CFLs you put into your patio lights during the summer won't work in the winter, think about it. Ooops. Didn't tell you about that before they changed the statutes to outlaw incandescent bulbs, did they?
And that's just one example of their duplicity, old buddy.
I was part of the anti-war movement during the Vietnam war, and I learned then that the Left was willing to tell any lie, engage in any deception to drive public opinion against the war. It wasn't good enough that there were valid reasons to oppose the war, they had to lie and to this day they still won't admit that they did, that they were funded and supported by Russia (ever read about the Venona intercepts?) and that they were most concerned with trying to destroy our country, not stop the war. Read David Horowitz's book "Radical Son" for something that will really open your eyes about what the Left has done and is doing in this country. I have a copy and I'll loan it to you.
So I know how some people are willing to lie to make us toe their line. Yes, everybody lies, the republicans lie, the corporations lie, the politicians lie, blah, blah, blah. I'm not saying that one side is blameless and the other hopelessly corrupt.
What I AM saying is that responsible scientists who care about truth and fact and reality, who oppose distorting data to support a political agenda, have been speaking out for a long time against what Gore has been touting, what his shills in the 'scientific' community have been doing. They only want that we examine the facts and find the TRUTH and not make decisions based on lies. There are a lot of men and women out there who have taken a look at the data and have said that it's fishy, it's corrupt and it's being used to force policies that aren't valid or smart.
So yes, I'm for taking the toxins out of our environment. I skipped school to attend the very first Earth Day celebration at UK way back when, took my chances on being suspended because I BELIEVED that it was the right thing. And since then, I've watched as some real nut jobs have hijacked the ecology movement. They could have stayed with the true facts and worked to teach people what we're doing to the planet, but for the most extreme of them the progress wasn't fast enough, wasn't going in the right direction and so they've embarked on a campaign of deliberate deception to try to force the world to take the path that they think is the ONLY right way, just like some kind of religious fanatics.
THAT is what I object to, my friend. I object to lies and to being bullied by deceivers, to people who are willing to cripple our economy to make it bend to their bizarre world view, to engage in any deception that furthers their goals. I object to morons who support them, who don't take the time to examine and challenge the science, who parrot the foolishness because they don't know how to think critically.
If they were content to sit at home wearing their hair shirts and tin foil hats and leave me alone I wouldn't care. But they're out there insisting that we bankrupt ourselves with poorly conceived so-called 'solutions' like ethanol while willfully denying the science and studies that point out their errors, trying to shout down the voices that are critical of their dangerous schemes. THAT is what I object to! THAT is what I oppose!
Just as the church's suppression of Galileo was wrong, just as the opposition to Darwin is wrong, this climate hysteria is WRONG. I love science and learning and investigation and I OBJECT when people misuse the scientific process in order to advance their corrupt agendas.
So in a very brief nutshell, friend, that's why I send you these clippings and news stories, so that you'll understand how the climate alarmists are lying to you and the world at large, and hoping that you and everyone else who gets these things will stand up and demand that they PROVE their theories before they try to dismantle our economy.
Just like that famous leftie John Lennon - "All I want is the truth" - Charles

"You can ignore reality. What you cannot ignore are the consequences of ignoring reality." - Ayn Rand