Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Follow the MONEY!!!!

All this hoofaraw about the collapse of the banks, all this screaming and lamenting and beating of breasts, all this angst - and most of it coming from Democrats.
But you look closely and you start hearing a real note of calculation in it all.
They had their talking points set up before the crisis hit, and their mantra of "save Main street, not Wall street" is the same one that the Communist Party of the USA is touting. How strange.
Next time someone starts wailing on Bush about all this, ask him how the banks went down.
Was it from making bad loans to people who couldn't pay? Yup, that was a lot of it.
And who passed the regs and laws that REQUIRED that the banks to do that, or else they'd be prosecuted for discrimination?
It was Bill Clinton and THE SAME DEMOCRATS who're doing all the finger-pointing and screaming right now, that's who. And that's a fact. Read the history on it, check the voting records, read the op-eds. It's all there, it's very plain.
We need to start HOWLING on this one, and drown the bastards out!

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