Monday, October 6, 2008

Boy, do I feel old............

I recall the time that I was talking about music with some young guy and the impact that it had on our lives, and I said something about the Beatles "White Album" - and he said "huh?".

He'd never heard of it.

How could you NOT hear of the "White Album"? Ye gods.
In the years since then there have been several such conversations. It's still a shock to me sometimes what music some people have never heard. Last night it was a young nurse in the ICU I was working with, and she asked me what song it was that I was singing. I told her it was from Cream, off the astounding "Wheels of Fire" album.
She'd never heard of it.
Oh. My. God.
Never heard of CREAM? Never heard of the first power trio, the first superband, the first band to combine three giant talents and pioneer the long extended improvisational music form that had previously been the realm of jazz bands? The band that showed the way for the Grateful Dead and Phish and other later pretenders to the throne like Rush?
Even though she hadn't been born when they were still together, their music is on the radio and music lovers who pay attention to history have to know about them.
I gave up on asking her if she's ever heard "Freak Out" by the Mothers of Invention. I didn't want to cause her permanent damage.
I'm gittin' old, Margaret. Go out b'hind the barn an' dig me a hole to lie down in.

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