Friday, April 24, 2009

Neues accessories fur den Obama Jugend

All those who will be part of the Dark Lord's Youth Legions in future will be required to have snappy uniforms, I bet.

And what's snappier than your very own Obama Jugend dagger?

(photo courtesy of Mr. Fixit)

Somali souvenir

Stand up, speak out, fight back!

It's hard for me to decide which is more chilling - the blatant attempts by the Obama administration to transform the character of this nation, the arrogance and shamelessness of their maneuverings or the apparent total lack of concern on the part of the Congress and the majority of the American public.

In a story at the Investor's Business Daily (here) they lay out what has already been done by the Obamas, both the Dark Lord and Michelle, to lay the groundwork for the new 'voluntary' youth indoctrination program that's sailing through the Congress even as you read this.  From long before his ascendance to the throne, these two have been working to twist the minds of young men and women, teaching them to hate their own country.
There's more about it here on the National Review blog.
As bad as the plain implications of this program are, what is worse is that no-one seems to give a damn about it!
How hard would it be for someone in the House or Senate to stand up in front of the TV cameras and spell out, one by one, the individual elements of this systematized brainwashing so that people could see it and know how dangerous and insidious it is?  Surely to God some brave souls in the Congress can muster up enough reporters at a press conference to denounce this, or at the least start releasing a blizzard of press releases and going onto the talk shows!
Yet this dark hulk of a death ship glided through through vote after vote in Washington, like a ghost in the night, under a fog of willful indifference on the part of our so-called representatives.
We know already about the corruption and rank illegality of the actions of ACORN in the last several years, yet here's a program that will do exactly what ACORN has done, and more, and all of it funded by the taxes we pay.  We are buying the chains that will enslave the minds of our children and in the end reduce this nation to a holding of vassals to socialism.  And it's all happening right in front of our faces while we gaze on, chewing our cud, content as cows mindlessly awaiting the hammer blow to the head that begins our trip to the slaughterhouse!
Some days I'm in awe of the sheer audacity of what Obama and his allies are methodically doing to this country, but that awe is rapidly transformed into fury. We are standing by with our hands in our pockets while a coterie of anti-capitalism maniacs is dismantling our system and using our money to pay for their wrecking crew.
Read the article and ask yourself how, in the name of all that's holy, can we be duped into paying for a system that will teach our children, is already teaching our young men and women, that the ills of this nation can all be laid at the feet of white men and capitalism, and that the government is the balm for all our ills?
We sit like frogs in a pot of slowly warming water, being cooked in increments, contemplating where to put our favorite lily pad while these radicals in nice suits slowly turn up the heat beneath us.  We are acquiescing in our own destruction and unless all of us wake up and begin to resist this rolling wave of legislation and regulation with all of our being then when we do finally open our eyes, we won't recognize the country in which we find ourselves.
It will be too bleak and hostile and drear to bear.
Read it.  Get mad.  Get ACTIVE!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some things make me wanna SCREAM!

I carried a pistol openly on my person for several years, back before we passed our concealed carry law.

Now that I can carry concealed, I do so the vast majority of the time.  Sometimes people were a bit concerned to see that .45 on my hip, most times they ignored it.
Very rarely did I have any encounters with law enforcement who weren't happy about my being armed.
I'm glad to see the numbers of people who've started carrying openly in the free exercise of their right to self-defense.  Being unafraid to speak out and advocate in public for your freedoms is an essential first step to educating the public and to preserving those rights.  If we don't start pushing back, making the non-gun-owning gun public and the gun-haters understand that we're not going away and that we're tired of their phobias, then we WILL lose our rights.

But in the process, people, PLEASE don't make yourselves out to be MORONS.

I refer to the phrase that some who are big in the community of open-carry advocates are using, which is usually expressed as "I open carry."


We will NOT make a positive impression on the world at large if we continue to use this stupid phrasing.
'To carry' is the infinitive form of the verb 'carry'.  I CARRY a gun.  I CARRY it openly.  I CARRY it concealed.  I OPENLY CARRY the pistol.  I CARRY the pistol OPENLY on my person.  The words 'open carry' describe an act or action, they are NOT a verb!!!
I've event contacted the national group that's doing the most for this effort, Open (their web site is here) about this VERY sad misuse of the language, telling them the same things I've written here and they basically said, 'Yeah, so what, we like it.'  They plan to carry on with this ignorance!
Friends, when we use bad language and bad grammar we look like morons.  Let the LEFT butcher English and invent stupid phrases and bad usages.  No matter what your cause, you should first maintain certain standards of intelligence and quality.  Saying "I open carry" makes you sound like a DUNCE, and the media will damn sure take advantage of whatever you do wrong to make fun of you and your cause.  Why give them an opening by which they can attack and ridicule us?
We would all make fun of a gang-banger wannabe for saying "I be packin' heat." but he's not one damn bit more stupid than the doctor or lawyer who says proudly for the camera "I open carry."
It's WRONG - it's BAD ENGLISH - period, zip, end.
"I carry a pistol openly" uses the verb and ADVERB in the proper manner.  "I open carry" means that you OPEN a CARRY - for what?  What IS a 'carry' in the first place?  Well, firstly it is NOT a noun.  Properly used, 'Carry' is the VERB and 'openly' is the ADVERB.
I've been involved in the politics and media circus of gun rights for a good while. I'm acutely aware of how crucial it is that you put forth a good message and a good image.
Using this utterly stupid form does nothing to enhance our image.  It makes us look like semi-literate redneck dolts.  Why would ANYONE deliberately advertise the fact that they don't even know how to speak the damn language if they're out there trying to make a positive impression for their cause???
If you agree with me, that this is STUPID and something that we as gun owners and advocates for our rights need to fix in our own house before the media uses it against us, please contact the folks at and tell them about it.  If enough of us do this then maybe they'll start to pay attention and speak English as it's supposed to be!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

I spent the most wonderful weekend at the wedding of some friends in North Carolina, so no posting on the blog.  Wonderful people, amazing food and some very stimulating discussions with some very smart folks.

They even let me join in and didn't make me stand in the corner.
Of course, the world kept spinning and things were happening and there's ample fuel for observations and discussions, so I'll be getting back to it.  Most of the last two days since coming home have been spent getting documents together for a new job with a new company, and since a reduction in cash flow makes it hard to think about hobbies like this page, I tend to believe that the pursuit of employment has a higher priority.
But there will be things to read later today.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Navy flag

Tea Party postscript

The Frankfort, Ky. Tea Party went really well - an enthusiastic crowd showed up with lots of signs and flags and attitude!

There's no other way to say it - people were pissed! The crowd was unhappy with Washington, DC, and with the legislature in Frankfort and with politicians in general. They brought their children, who had signs of their own, and sounded off loudly in response to the speakers who addressed the gathering.
We didn't have any counter-protesters, but then, I didn't expect any. The left isn't that energetic around here, and they damn sure know better than to try anything physical with Kentuckians.
I plan to post pictures of the event later on, have several irons in the fire just now and am hopping around going crazy. For now I just wanted to say that the turnout was good and that the people of this state were in harmony with the tens of thousands of others who turned out nation-wide to tell the government to get off our backs!
For those of you who support this kind of effort, don't forget to go to the Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solution's event at Applebee's park in Lexington this Saturday, April 18th - The Bluegrass Tax Liberation Day! See their web site here for more info.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yo, skinny, say 'cheese'!

Here's a video that shows what the pirates off Somalia were up against.  They never had a chance once these men were in the loop.
Shoulda left well enough alone.


(hat tip to Michelle Malkin for the video link)

Monday, April 13, 2009

RIP Deputy Jack Weaver

This just in from Jim Shepherd at The Shooting Wire

Jack Weaver, from "leatherslap" to legend.

On a completely unrelated note, the shooting world lost one of its best-known names last week. Former Los Angeles County Deputy Jack Weaver, 80, died Tuesday in Carson City. Weaver, for those of you not familiar with the name, is the man for whom the Weaver Shooting Stance is named.

After experimenting with a variety of shooting stances and modifications, Weaver decided the best position for reaction shooting was simple: two hands on the weapon, gun up a foot or so above the vertical centerline of the body, and head slightly dropped. This gave him what he called a "flash picture" of the target. It also gave him the 1959 "Leatherslap" gunfighting title. As he explained "it looked kind of stupid, and everybody was laughing at me, but it worked."

After three years of losing to Weaver, Guns and Ammo writer and legendary shooting expert Jeff Cooper proclaimed the Weaver Stance "decisively superior" to anything else. In fact, Cooper incorporated Weaver's stance into his Modern Technique of the Pistol.

On Saturday evening, I spoke with Weaver's son, Alan, about his father and learned that this last year of his life had been one "of a rock star" after American Handgunner published a story about Weaver and his stance in its May issue. "All last year," Alan said, "Dad got letters, videos, patches from police departments and shooting clubs, tons of mementos that made him realize that people did remember him and his contributions."

We all remember Weaver's contribution to shooting -every time we take a two handed Weaver, or modified Weaver or whatever you call it. - Jim Shepherd

Tax Day Tea Party in Frankfort!

We're going to have our very own Tea Party on the steps of the state capitol this Tax Day!

It kicks off at 12 noon and runs till 2 PM on Wednesday, April 15th. Bring your signs and your tea bags and your outrage at what our elected representatives are doing to our country with this profligate spending and unjust taxation! See you there!

(I was going to post a graphic that I received, but Blogger doesn't want to let me post a .pdf file for some reason.)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What kind of scum kills a man's dog?

(Luttrell's dog Dasy, shown here as a puppy)

Even worse, the dog that was given to him to help him forget his losses from his duty as a Navy SEAL?

Marcus Luttrell has written a book, "Lone Survivor" about his experiences as a SEAL in Afghanistan. He's been through hell. Friends gave him this puppy four years ago to help him get over the grief.
Then these low life scum killed her. For kicks.
You can read one of the news stories about it here.
There is no punishment in the legal system of this country commensurate with what these sub-humans deserve to receive.
May they rot in hell.

TEA party in Richmond, Kentucky this Saturday, April 11th!


Come out and join in Richmond's first T.E.A. Party this
Saturday! Come be seen, heard, and counted as we have
a peaceful protest of corporate bailouts, the trillions of
dollars the Federal Government is putting our country in
debt, and other tyranny that is running amok in
Washington! Join fellow Americans and enjoy a great line
up of special guest speakers, best costume and best
protest sign contest and lot's of fun!
WHERE: Wallingford Broadcasting parking lot
128 Big Hill Ave. Richmond (across from Swifty)
WHEN: Saturday, April 11,2009 from 4-6 pm.

Pirates? We can fix your stinking pirates!

Amazing story of a dog's resilience

I love dogs. Every day my pack shows me their amazing intuition, loyalty and devotion. They force me to think about my responsibilities to them and to being a better person.

This is a great story about a cattle dog lost at sea, who survived on her own until returned to her family. Read it here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Excellent piece about guns and responsibility

Over at the Winds of Change group blog, "Armed Liberal" writes an extremely intelligent piece about why more laws restricting guns won't change the environment in which we live.

It's one of those bits of clear thinking that come along only so often.  Very well written, concise and tight.  It's as well-stated an argument with which to rebut the anti-gun crowd as any I've read.
Read it here.
With the present outbreak of all these mass shootings we need something like this to state the case for principle in guiding our actions and responses.

New advisor to the President coming to DC

Rex the giant worm will soon be moving to Washington, DC.

In keeping with the tradition begun by many already serving in the new administration and by well-known Democrat consultant Bob Beckel (frequently seen sliming up the airwaves on Fox News) , Rex will be advising the president and his cabinet on lapses in ethics, broken campaign promises and egregious misconduct.
Rex has previously worked with members of Congress such as Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd and John Murtha among others (many others) but will now be concentrating his efforts in the White House.
"The Dark Lord will require all of my time for the immediate future since he has so many things he hopes to have the audacity to have the courage to say 'yes we can' to in order to be clear about his determination to change. He'll need my full-time input to know how low he can go." hissed Rex in an interview. "Transparency in government, the ruinous budget, bankrupting the nation - all of those things will require a level of slime and sleaze and belly-crawling that only I can bring to the cabinet. Then there's all those additional trans-nationalist slugs we intend to put into vital government positions. They'll have to be oozed and schmoozed through their confirmation hearings. And that doesn't even mention the obsequious groveling to foreign despots and America-haters during this last trip overseas. I'll have my work cut out for me!"
Rex will soon have his own salt-water tank in the Oval Office so that he and the Dark Lord can mind-meld at their leisure.

No comment was available from NObama at the time of this interview because his teleprompters were out of service.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lies, damn Lies and Holder's statistics!

Everybody who knows anything about guns knows that the full auto weaponry being used in the drug wars in Mexico and shown on the nightly news in all its gory grandeur didn't come from the USA.

You can't just amble into the local Dick's or Walmart and toddle out with armloads of rocket launchers and explosives and full auto weapons.
No, those things are being sold to the drug lords by other nations who have no scruples about taking their money, or by the Mexican army soldiers who are going AWOL and stealing the guns from their own arsenals on the way out the door.
The mainstream media have have once again been complicit as organs of state propaganda by parroting the false statistics being spouted by Clinton, Holder and others in order to push the drive for a re-enactment of the so-called assault weapons ban. The claim that 90% of the guns used in the drug wars in Mexico is a crafty distortion of the numbers designed to stampede the unwitting public into supporting the new ban.
Fortunately for those who care about the truth and our freedoms, the
Fox News Network has investigated this disinformatzia and has put the story exposing the lies on their web page here!
They've analyzed the
BATFE data and taken the time to get more of the story from the Mexicans themselves in order to tell us that it's more like 17% of the guns being seized come from the US, and that is only the ones with serial numbers that they can trace. The other, full-auto guns don't come with serial numbers and they don't come from the USA!!!
Fox will be running this story all day on their TV news network, so keep following the story!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get your TEA party postcards to mail in to the taxation tyrants!

Go here - - and buy postcards printed with an image of the US flag and a tea bag that you can mail in to the Congress and to the Dark Lord's administration and anyone else you want to tell that we're TEA - "Taxed Enough Already!".

I bought a bunch of them today and they're a great way to get your message across. You can't send a real tea bag because it won't be delivered but this postcard will be!

"Of those men who have overturned the liberty of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people, commencing demagogues and ending tyrants." - Alexander Hamilton

Kentucky Bluegrass Tax Liberation Day!

I'll have more info about this in the days to come, but I wanted to put something on here now to so that people would know about it and start passing the word!

There are going to be all kinds of activities for kids and adults at this thing, and if you want to start taking back our country and our future from the control of the morons who're running things in DC right now, come out and meet a lot of folks who share your point of view!

You can get more information at the Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions web page here.

Bloggo no likee recoil

I recently bought a Hogue overmolded shotgun stock which has the Knoxx recoil reduction system in its innards.

Hogue no longer lists this item in their catalog, which may be because Blackhawk now owns the Knoxx stock company - see their web page
here. I got this thing used but almost new, and yesterday I gave it a whirl at the range. I mounted it on a Remington M870 that's pretty basic - 20 inch stock factory barrel with rifle sights, Mesa tactical sidesaddle and a sling. The Knoxx stock has the same dimensions as the Speedfeed unit I took off of it, though I wish it was a bit shorter.
I compared the firing characteristics to a Mossberg M500 that I've had for a long time - factory ghost ring sights, an 18.5 inch barrel, sling and TacStar sidesaddle. It's been through a couple of classes with me, is stone reliable and is close enough in size and weight and stock geometry to the M870 to be a reasonable type for comparison.
I fired 4 rounds of Fiochhi plated 00 buckshot through each gun. The difference between them wasn't remarkable, with the M870 seeming to have a slightly reduced impulse. It was hardly enough to make a scientific comparison, but time was tight and I only had so many rounds of the same type on hand that I could afford to use up. I'll do this again and fire more ammo next time, but for now I can say that the Knoxx system seems to work though not as dramatically as I'd thought it might.