Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why isn't McCain hammering on this issue?

Interesting piece by Phyllis Schafly online in the World Net Daily about Obama's rampant racism, as repeatedly described in his book "Dreams from My Father".  Judging by the excerpts that she quotes, the man is a seething cauldron of rage against white Americans.
Yet this material, these views are nowhere to be found in the public discussion about who he is, nor in the discussions of his views and philosophy?
Are McCain and the Republicans determined to run yet another campaign to nowhere?  Why are we not screaming to the skies about this man's naked hatred of white people and his loathing for this country?
You can bet that any white person who expressed this kind of bigotry would be justifiably roasted over the coals for such virulent views, but Obama's still getting a pass, sliding along under the radar.  This is making me CRAZY!!! 

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