Saturday, October 25, 2008

Excellent interview about taxes, trade and wealth

An interview with the CEO of FedEx, Fred Smith, where he makes a lot of sense.
Read it here in the Wall Street Journal Online Opinion page.
It's hard to argue with success and we should be listening to a man whose company is doing so well. If the government was half as efficient as his company we'd be in clover. Worth reading just to make you wonder why all of this isn't obvious to a lot more people. But then, a lot of people don't think, they emote - and they back NO!bama.

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Brigid said...

Now they are talking on the hill of bailing out the insurance companies because of "poor investment choices". I know that if I went to my Dad and said, "Dad, I invested all my money poorly and squandered it on perks for my friends and now I'm broke", he wouldn't have bailed me out. I would have had to take my losses. And I did. And I learned how to be wise with what I had.

Rewarding greed and ineptitude is never good.