Sunday, October 26, 2008

A journalist speaks out against his own profession

Let's face it, the mainstream media are so obviously supporting NO!bama, rooting for NO!bama and doing all that they can to help him be elected that it's stunning to behold!
In this piece in the Pajamas Media this writer speaks about his intense embarrassment over the blatant partisanship of the media, not just in this presidential election but in many other major stories that he's covered.
There are also links to stories about illegal campaign contributions to NO!bama in the comments at the bottom of the page that you should follow and read.  Frightening.
More than anything else, all this is being played out in plain view, with virtually no shame, no contrition on the part of the players.  The Left apparently has decided that this is their hour, their time to seize the day and make their big move for power.
I can only sit and read and wonder when the big push is going to get pushed back by the majority of us who don't accept this corruption.

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