Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Bloggo!

I took the Para USA 9mm lightweight Commander-style LTC to the range yesterday and quickly fired 100 rounds of Winchester white box generic 115 grain ball through it. I like it.

I included the Wilson Combat 9mm magazines in this initial testing as well. They hold 10 rounds, are easy to load and are very well made. They ran without a hitch through the LTC.
I field stripped the gun before going out, inspected it and lubed it with LSA (lubricant, small arms). This isn't a torture test so I'm not going to run the gun dry and see if it breaks. I will run it for awhile without cleaning it to see what that reveals.
I fired one 10 round group at 25 yards of about 4 inches size. I was shooting very casually and when I really held tight and worked at it, the gun laid the rounds right on top of each other. It shot to the sights at both 25 and 50 yards in casual plinking at dirt clods and cans.
The only malfunction was a failure to feed the last round from one of the Para 9-round magazines. I was shooting to see how rapidly I could empty and reload it and carry on. I realized that one round remained in one mag when I picked it up. I then fed it in and shot it, and it locked back the slide as it should. I don't know if it was the mag that locked back the slide, prompting my reload, or if I hit the slide stop or what. There were no other malfs. It could have been me so I don't consider that a failure of the gun or mags. This is not a stringent collection of data, this is an ongoing evaluation of the gun.
Impressions to date - sights are right, trigger is crisp, shoots like it should with generic ammo and no faults found. The Wilson magazines are first rate.
I'm going to have fun with this.

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