Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Filth and sickness on the Left

One of the most significant reasons that I gave up on the Left and my liberal tendencies many years ago was the absolute viciousness and hypocrisy that I encountered among those left-leaning folks.
(Yes, Virginia, I was once a starry-eyed liberal lover of the perfect vision of the world. Then reality got in the way.)
They purported to want fairness and love and justice for all, but they were brimming with hatred for those who opposed their point of view. They were absolutely filled with rage. I was pretty pissed off myself, but the hard core lefties were just plain unhinged.
Now that hatred and venom has found full flower in the current campaign of slander against Sarah Palin. Witness -

And this particularly disgusting little gem, with smirking twits sporting the latest in casual hate-wear -
Wow. High intellectual fodder for insightful discussion, huh? You betcha!
For a more reasonable discussion of Palin's achievements during her tenure as governor of Alaska and her qualifications to serve as our vice-president, consider this article by Rich Lowry in the National Review Online edition.
Much more reasonable and informative, and much more adult than the ugly crap that the Left's serving up in this campaign season.

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