Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why gun owners don't want Obama for president

There is no question that Obama has set out to conceal his animosity toward guns as he gets closer to the general election.

But his record, his past statements and his selection of Biden as his running mate all make it abundantly plain that if he's elected to the presidency he will work systematically to dismantle all our gains to date, and to impose onerous new restrictions on gun owners.
I'm going to start posting articles and opinion pieces on here from other sources about Obama that will illustrate exactly why the man is a clear danger to our rights as gun owners, and why an Obama presidency will be hazardous to even the most basic firearms ownership.
Here is an article from National Review online that is succinct and clear about Obama's record. The excerpt is from David Freddoso called "Obama's Aim" -

"Denver — In 2007, Senator Barack Obama stood up for a gun owner. He endorsed Chicago Alderman Dorothy Tillman in her Democratic primary. Not only was she a gun owner, but she had even pulled a gun on her colleagues during a contentious 1991 ward redistricting hearing, according to eyewitnesses. Tillman, best known for demanding to be served by black (not white) waiters, and for advocating reparations for slavery, narrowly lost her race despite Obama’s support. "

It illustrates that Obama is capable of incredible hypocrisy and duplicity on just about any political issue. The man who represents himself as the candidate of CHANGE! is nothing but a political machine whore who would have made Richard Daley proud. Read it, it's worth it.

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