Sunday, August 24, 2008

So far, so good

On post-operative day two I'm still doing okay. No complaints of pain not controlled by medication, no signs of infection, only mild tenderness at my incision sites. I've been able to eat what I wanted and to get around pretty well. Yesterday I took it really easy. Today the 4th Street Irregulars and I are going out to the river to walk around and let them check their pee-mail.
I have to say that this surgery went as well as one
ever could have asked. The people at the hospital, from pre-surgery clinic to the lab to check-in, through the OR to the recovery room - everyone was great, everyone was friendly and polite and helpful and concerned. If the University of Kentucky could give service like that to every patient then they could take over the entire Lexington market!
I have to give a special salutation to the surgeon who spent a lot of time beforehand figuring out what might be wrong, and who has done an excellent job of follow-up since then, Dr. Andrew Bernard. It's always nice when an attending physician is managing your care, but it's even better when they do as great a job as Dr. Bernard has done. It's hard to say just how much I appreciate his work, and that of his entire team at UK, and I say that as a nurse with 26 years of experience, most of those years in the same kind of working environment.
To Dr. Bernard and all his people at UK - residents, nurses, anesthesia, the whole crew - Thank You! Well done!

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