Saturday, August 23, 2008

Maybe too smart for their own good?

Nobama's come out with his VP pick and as I'd hoped, it's Joe Biden.

Amazing. With this selection, Nobama and his crew have shown that they think they can pull the wool over everyone's eyes for the whole race, all the way to the finish line and not just up to the convention.
Nobama's entire campaign has been built around his construct, his shell and public face. He is entirely a manufactured man. It's obvious that he's a fraud whose essential persona is a mystery, whose true beliefs and values are tied to the instruction of his socialist groomers like "Uncle Frank" in Hawaii, the Weathermen in Chicago and now, the George Soros camp. I would love to know at what point in his life the handlers found him. Were they lurking around on campuses like the Soviets who found Philby and his generation, convincing Nobama that he could slide into this role, or did they somehow find each other and agree how to proceed after 'interviewing' each other over time?

With Biden they've apparently decided to attempt the same strategy of deliberate illusion-making. They're setting him up as the guy who's not Nobama, who'll have the experience that he doesn't have, the connections he hasn't made, the whiteness that he's cut out of himself. Biden is their shot at the union guys, the Pennsylvania hunters, the white guys who'll buy the notion that he's just another Joe.

Of course, he's none of these. He's as anti-gun as Algore and as much a DC apparatchik as any man on the hill. He voted for the war and has been all over the ideological map according to which way the polls blew. He's as cynical as any guy who's tried more than once for the presidency.
It's amazing to me that they think that they can hypnotize the entire nation into some amnesiac state where we'll forget that Biden savaged Nobama in the debates for his lack of experience, or that with his three-plus decades in the Senate that he's the very sort of Washington insider that Nobama promises to run out of the town if the mob will deliver him and his engine of "Change!" into the Oval Office.
Are they so arrogant that they truly believe that they can deceive us about the pair of them as they've done with Nobama solo to date? When the construct is starting to show cracks in the facade as hard questions are finally being posed about who he really is?
Nobama would have been a hard sell all by himself, over the time left in this campaign, but with Biden they've acquired another entire set of difficulties. They have to keep him from shooting off at the mouth and shooting the head guy in the foot. They have to convince a nation where the elections have mostly been decided in the South that this cocky jackass from up North is going to offset Nobama just because he's - what? White? Older? Not Nobama?

And who really cares about the VP? Does anyone besides the political professionals really believe that the VP makes a difference? That he affects policy? That his selection is anything but a calculated, obvious political choice like this one is? Do they think that the people who already don't trust or want Nobama are going to look at Biden and say "Oh, okay, well, if Joe's there to keep him straight I guess it's okay to vote Democrat this time 'round"? Where are the millions of votes that a "son of Delaware" will deliver? Delaware?
An IDIOT might believe that. A voter with two functioning neurons knows that Biden ceases to matter the day after the election, or unless Nobama ceases to occupy the office. Very few people looked at the VP as the heir apparent and again, those people are the pros who live for this crap, not you and I.
They've taken two guys who are nothing alike, except for whatever limited socialist leanings Biden has displayed, who were super negative about each other in the primaries and have slapped them together like some weird deli sandwich that they can *SELL* to us if they just work out the advertising, no matter how strange the combination of ingredients.

I'll tell you one group that DOES care about the VP, and that's the radical Left who've chanted "Change!" to take Nobama to the top. And they will NOT be happy about Biden, either. As I've noted, Biden IS the thing that they want to change. He IS the Washington that they want to pull down and tear up. Even if Biden does hate George Bush and has obstructed conservative efforts he's NOT one of them, not one of the raving peaceniks and pseudo-Stalinists that populate the hard Left in this country now. As far as I can see, he's not even close to being a friend of Soros. He's not worked nearly hard enough for the things that Soros loves and hopes to achieve with Nobama.

In addition, as some others have pointed out, with the selection of Biden they've signaled that they don't care about the votes of gun owners. Another VP pick might have lulled the Perazzi-istas into complacency, might have persuaded them that Nobama wasn't really out to throttle them slowly but surely with more and more "sensible" regulations straight out of the Brady Bunch files once he was in office. But Biden is a known enemy of gun ownership who will be a long-overdue slap in the face that ought to wake up those gun owners who've been sitting out this campaign ere now. If it doesn't rouse them then not much else will.

Have the boys in the Nobama back rooms worked out a mathematics of the Electoral College that tells them that gun owners don't matter? Maybe, or maybe they've weighed the responses of gun owners in this cycle and decided that we're so uncertain over McCain that we'll not act resolutely enough to be a force against them this time.
Or, as I believe is the case, have they concluded that the smoke and mirrors that have brought Nobama this far will carry this ticket on to victory? Do they think that they're THAT good?
Lord, I hope so, because that kind of chutzpah will bring them down.
But then McCain, like hundreds of Republicans before him, has shown an amazing capacity to squander political advantages and he may yet give it away as well. A Bloomberg or Tom Ridge for a running mate will do to him what I hope that Biden does to Nobama.
We can only hope that McCain has less faith in his media voodoo boys and shows better judgement in picking a mate somewhere near the political heart of this country. It's still just the VP, it still doesn't really matter, but if he gets it right it won't be the thumb in the eye that Joe Biden is. That might be just enough to carry him over.
A smooth machine, glib slogans and empty rhetoric have been enough to take Nobama this far. Can they make the same magic passes over this bizarre coupling and sell this strange brew to the whole country? Or have they finally over-calculated and over-reached?

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