Monday, August 25, 2008

A tale of perseverance in the face of violence

Xavier Thoughts at his blog, Nurse With a Gun has a stunning piece about a young woman who used a firearm to stop the ex-boyfriend who was attacking her with a knife, and then was dragged through the legal system, charged with murder for her justified act of self-defense -

The Saga of Stephanie Morosi
"In July of 2006, she purchased a pistol for her own protection. In August, she removed two of her boyfriend's handguns from her house because she was scared. He had been in the agonizing grip of depression, with suicidal and homicidal ideation. She began going to classes for victims of criminal domestic violence. Stephanie Morosi had known Jason Truitt for about five years, but had been dating him for only a short time when he decided to move in with her. The relationship quickly became volatile, and she threw the 270 pound six foot Truitt out. She began eviction proceedings."

Read the whole thing. The only good news is that she's vindicated in the end. Actually, that's not right. Another good thing is that the scumbag who was willing to kill her to possess her isn't going to be using up any of our oxygen anymore.

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I also have a website for domestic violence