Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm home!

After all that apprehension and anticipation, the surgery for my gall bladder went well and I got home yesterday evening in pretty good form. Spent the night in a sound sleep, waking only to top off the analgesic tanks and swill more Gatorade. Am going back to the rack right now.
My belly's a bit sore from the 4 little slits that were made, and the inflation with gas that's required to provide a clear view to the surgeon but otherwise I feel surprisingly well. Oh, and I got dat ole' cottonmouth like a sumbitch, worse than I've ever had it in my life! Wow!
I'm happy, the dogs are happy, all's right with the world. More on this subject later, here at the Chaz news station, your source for Chaz 24 hours a day. We report, you recoil.

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