Saturday, August 9, 2008

More on the .40 caliber

We haven't gotten out to the range to do a lot more shooting with the XDm yet, even though we've received a few hundred rounds of various types of ammo with different bullet weights for it. But we have gotten some input from some folks in response to asking the question "What bullet weights do you use/carry in the .40 caliber and what do you think of their effectiveness?".
One gentleman writing from out west who works for an outfit that gets into more gunfights and shootings than any other in the country told me that his agency issues and carries the 155gr Winchester Ranger JHPs in their pistols, and that they put down goblins handily.
His quote was "We shoot lots of people with this load and it works."
That's good enough for me!

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GunGeek said...

And just a little bit of googling for 40 S&W 180gr will show you how using 180gr or larger bullets is almost asking for trouble. I won't use anything bigger than 165gr in mine after having read some of that.

If the bullet gets seated even just a teeny bit too far (or gets jammed back in during a feeding malfunction, which happened to me) the pressure levels can skyrocket.