Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What does all this mean?

In full view of the world, while the public has watched with eyes wide open, the Obama administration has put into place the most anti-gun, anti-rights group of public officials ever assembled in this country.

This bunch would be right at home in the former Soviet Union or some other Marxist regime.  They believe in the subordination of the individual to the state, the triumph of collectivism over personal rights and freedoms.  Don't believe me?  Do the background reading.  The new issue of the NRA's monthly magazine, "America's First Freedom", has an article about two of NObama's clowns, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and 'regulatory czar' Cass Sunstein, who hate guns, hate gun owners and champion the rights of animals over men.  And just today Glenn Beck on his Fox news TV show was reporting on the socialist past of the new climate change czarina, Carol Browner.  The past hostility of all three of these to what most of us consider to be our traditional way of life is public record, public knowledge, yet there they are, occupying positions of power from which they can wreak havoc on the country.
What I see that concerns me tonight is the evidence that the bureaucratic minions of this cabal are already hard at work, digging through each and every regulation and ruling and rule, seeing what they can change or corrupt or overturn by simply issuing new rules and regs, thus avoiding the legislative process AND the light of day completely.
Anyone who believed that this administration would live up to its promises to be 'completely transparent' was living in a dream world.  If they don't understand that by now, after seeing how these apparatchiks are proceeding, they're either locked in a cycle of denial or a complete (useful) idiot.
Just in the last week, there was a new ruling from the Department of Defense mandating the destruction of all once-fired brass instead of selling it intact to those buyers who'd been using it to make reloaded ammunition for decades.  Read about it here.  Thanks to a veritable storm of emails and calls and contacts with legislators, that new policy has been reversed.
But it reveals what's going on, how they're tunneling away, stealthily sapping the walls of the Republic.  These moles are digging through every policy and where that policy might allow more liberal access to firearms or ammo or the other elements of gun ownership and shooting, the policy is changed.  Hey, Presto!  New policy here!  Screw those gun owners, quick end run around the Congress - until it's noticed and the outcry begins.
But by that time we're playing catch-up, and wars are NOT won by playing defense, by being reactive to the enemy's initiatives.
It's the same thing with the new policy not to allow the use of lead ammunition or fishing sinkers in the national parks system, just announced and to take effect in 2010.  The moonbat 'greens' and animal rights activists already in the ranks of the federal bureaucracy, and their newly arrived, newly appointed and anointed buddies from the far left seeping into every agency, are moving to infringe on fishermen and hunters in every conceivable way.
Lots of them were already in place, but they've been given free rein to indulge in their wildest PETA-inspired fantasies by the NObamanites, and this is just the first of what promises to be many fights with these vile pen-pushers in the years to come.
I remember being furious during the Bush administration at his seeming obliviousness to the necessity of purging all the Clintonistas and their ilk from the government.  He was so intent on getting along with those left loonies that he was unable to understand that the Left long ago realized that this is how you take over a country.  Not by violent revolution that leaves you dead and rotting on the ramparts, but by tunneling into the schools and the government, and gradually eating away at the traditions and the laws of the nation.  Just go back and see how often the Bush administration was fighting rear guard actions against the State Department and other federal agencies, trying to ward off hostile policies enacted or proposed by the leftists in the ranks.
Now we can see plainly how that plays out.  The new batch of lefties and greenies have linked up with the moles already in place, and are busily promulgating new regs every day, working to bury us under a pile of paperwork that's not easily remedied in either the Congress or the courts, and has the effect of law from day one if it's not rebutted and reversed right now by activism on our side.
Forget about preventing it from happening.  It's going to take constant vigilance just to hold them at bay, to keep it in check.  We will be fighting each and every day for the rest of the time that this gang of radicals is in power, and when they're turned out of office it'll be the work of years weeding their agents-in-place out from all the federal agencies.
The nation is in peril as never before but not of being taken down by brute force. Rather, we're at risk of being nibbled to death by ducks, a slow death by regulatory fiat, worn by rules, strangled by policies.  There will be no heroic last stand against that kind of death by attrition.
The enemy knows how this works.  It was Clintonista Paul Begala who said "Stroke of the pen, law of the land.  Kinda neat." in speaking of Bubba Clinton's use of the executive order to circumvent legislative checks on his excesses.
The Left understands all this, all too well.  Is our side going to wake up in time to stop the bastards?

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pops1911 said...

I think it's near time to throw his pen away & stroke the trigger a few times!! Some of these idiots need a permanent lesson.