Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New firearms lubricant

After reading an article by Pat Rogers in SWAT magazine (if you don't subscribe to it, you should) in which he refers to using Slip 2000 Extreme Weapons Lubricant for lubricating ARs, I decided to give it a try.
I wasn't able to get the Extreme version when I ordered a bunch of stuff from Midway USA last week. Instead, I got their Carbon Cutter, Cleaner/Degreaser and the basic Slip 2000 lube.
I took the side plates off of my blued steel S&W M13 3-inch and stainless M66 3-inch and simply sprayed the lube into the interior parts without any other cleaning or prep. I made sure to get it under the cylinder latch slide of the M13, which was sticky, and all over the interior and exterior moving parts of the M66, which was completely dry inside and had a crane/yoke which was sticky on opening and closing .
They are both now VERY slick in operation and in dry-firing. The cylinders spin freely and move in and out of the frame well. The triggers are smoother than before. The cylinder latch moves easily. Both feel more free in every operation except firing, which I haven't yet done.
Don't know how they'll do over the long run or how it'll feel after several months (the M13 had been lubed previously with Eezoxx, which seemed to have dried up and become gummy in the gun's interior) but for the moment this Slip 2000 stuff seems to live up to its billing. It has virtually no odor to mention, either. I'm looking forward to getting the Extreme version to use on the ARs

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