Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coulda been worse, I guess

Well, the two mini-reports that aired last night on WLKY were a bit of a let-down.  

The coverage was reasonably fair, although they gave one of our resident anti-gun hacks, a professor of criminal justice at U of L, more time than they should have.  I used to demolish this guy in debates when we were passing the concealed carry bill in 1996, and in subsequent discussions about it later.  He just doesn't have any legitimate arguments, only his vague, free-floating 'feelings' about violence and all that.
They interviewed me for 30 minutes and used about 5 seconds of it in only the first segment, nothing at all in the second.  It's better than nothing, though I did have a good bit to say about the issue.  The best thing was that it wasn't blatantly anti-gun and gave some pretty good air time to some other folks on our side of the issue.

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