Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The decline and fall of the paper media

Now even NObama, the Dark Lord, is part of the dissing of the print media.

In his press conference he did not call on ANY of the reporters from the major traditional newspapers for a question. Read about it at here.
Here in Kentucky, we're at day FOUR since the Tea Party rally and still no mention of the event in any of the three papers in Frankfort, Lexington or Louisville.
What troubles me most about this is the apparent lack of ethics and conscience demonstrated by the people running these rags. Do they think that they control the news anymore? Do they think that they can get away with this kind of arrogance? Newspapers no longer control public opinion. They don't make events happen, nor make them go away. How do they reconcile their purported interest in truth and facts with this deliberate shunning of an event of significant public interest?
Pretty soon they'll join the ranks of the buggy whip makers in yesterday's news.

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Anonymous said...

I had NO IDEA we had a KY Tea Party! I would've gone if I had known about it!