Sunday, March 22, 2009

An OUTRAGE perpetrated by the media!!!

Yesterday, March 21st,
ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED PEOPLE showed up in downtown Lexington, Ky. to participate in the Kentucky Tea Party protest against the continuing fiscal madness in Washington, DC.

And how many front page stories were there in the newspapers in Lexington and Louisville, or in our own home town paper, the State Journal, about this event?
In one of the most blatant examples of media manipulation that I have ever witnessed in my entire life, the mainstream media have chosen to ignore a mass protest by over a thousand Kentuckians, speaking their minds about an issue of major importance in our lives.
When that putrid hate-monger Louis Coleman held a rally at which only a handful of his sycophants showed up, they covered it like it was the second coming. If it had been 1500 NON-CITIZEN ILLEGAL ALIENS demonstrating for rights that they do not possess, demanding benefits for which they have not paid in a country NOT their own, they would have been all over it. But let 1500 men and women who love their country and are tired of being abused by their elected officials show up in one place, hold a PEACEFUL rally and what do they write about it?
You can bet your sweet keister that if there had been violence they'd have trumpeted that fact, but no such luck for the fourth estate - no blood, no foul, no headlines. You'd have thought that in the wake of the very recent Tea Party in Cincinnati which drew FIVE THOUSAND people they'd have been interested in another rally of the same sort, driven by the same motivation, attended by the CITIZENS of this state, part of a movement that is popping up in cities all over the United States that it would have been a natural lead-in to their coverage.
Uh-unh. Not for the lackadaical lollygaggers of the print media in central Kentucky.
Some TV crews were there to witness it, but not even all of the local stations showed up. Couldn't be bothered. And will the local voice of NPR at UK offer any coverage of it on Monday? I doubt it. Too busy droning on about whatever it was that Cheney did half-a-political-lifetime ago.
You want to know what DID get coverage in Kentucky's Sunday papers?
Well, of course, there was basketball. You gotta have that. When there's no bread on the shelves because the fools running the Congress have spent the nation into a sinkhole there will still be roundball circuses for the hoi polloi. And there was an article about a homeless shelter planting a garden, and more about basketball, and an article about the basketball coach and another article about basketball and some guy who did something else of no consequence whatsoever.
God in Heaven, talk about fiddling while Rome burns. In a nation where citizen activism is supposed to be what pushed the new Great Leader into Washington, when the excitement is all about how people are starting to participate in their government again, this is what we get? When citizens get active on the wrong, non-politically-correct side of an issue the editorial grand poobahs just ignore it. "They deviate from the party line, therefore they do not exist" must be their guiding principle. If anyone ever wished for a more glaring example of the arrogance of the archaic intelligentsia, I don't know where they would find it. And they wonder why no one wants to read newspapers anymore?
If fifteen hairy-legged women in Peruvian ear flap hats had shown up for a fertility festival for Gaia in Oregon, or to tell us all to junk our cars to save the planet there would have been coverage.
If ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED KENTUCKIANS had turned out to hold yet another anti-war Bush-bashing they would REALLY have been jubilant, jumping up and down to write that story, if only because the last one held around here only drew about 50 people and was really a yawner.
If it had been a rally for the UK basketball program, which by the way ended up in the basement this season, you KNOW they'd have been on that one. You can name just about any inconsequential topic that springs to mind and bet that they'd have had eager scribes interviewing the participants but
ZIP - ZERO - NADA. That's what they wrote about the Tea Party.
There will be more to say about this in the days to come, believe me. I am as outraged and disgusted as I have ever been over this. Ye gods, even the
SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER has written about this phenomenon of citizen activism! See it here.
But the nomenklatura of the press in Kentucky are too good to stoop to reporting to you about a local event signifying a growing phenomenon in a time of national crisis. Might take too much attention away from Rick Pitino or the garden club.
It is to weep.


Kentucky Progress said...

We need to make the next one bigger so they look more ridiculous ignoring it.

sheepdog37 said...

So sorry to hear that the media in your part of the world chose to ignore the tea party. At least the Springfield Mo. TV station gave it a blurp. Of course, they mentioned how one of the protestors left when he saw sign bashing Obama.