Friday, September 12, 2008

Bloggo speaks.

I don't blog on these pages for profit or gain. I don't do it to become a celebrity or to convince you guys that I'm some kinda whiz-bang. I don't care who loves me or who doesn't, for the most part.
I started doing this just to have a place to share my thinking and observations on the world, which is why blogs started out in the first place. Now some people live their lives through their blogs. They can't live without them. They "Twitter" about what they're doing every flippin' instant of their flippin' lives. Ye gods. Sorry, that strikes me as empty and pointless.
I have too much else to do. I work full time in a field that has nothing to do with blogging. I'm an ICU nurse, working nights. When I'm at work in the large university hospital surgical ICU where I'm currently contracted I very rarely have time to get to post to the blog, and when I get off work I fall asleep sitting up. When I get home, I spend time with my dogs. I intend to post more material about them here, but doing that takes time away from them. Decisions, decisions.
And I read what other people write. I consume information voraciously. I'm not a flippin' genius in love with my own voice or the voices in my head so I'm often content to read and spend time learning from others instead of blowing my own horn on here. I should post more links to those items that interest me, and I shall in future. But for now, my desire to learn what others who're more knowledgeable than I have written or said takes up time that I could use to spout my own point of view. It's a choice I make. I only have so many hours of free time in my life. I don't have Michael Bane's work ethic. I like to loaf a little and to dream and to talk to friends and to my dogs and my kids. I don't get paid to do this shit. I'm not that impressed by me to want to hear what I have to say all the damn time.
There's a lot of dreck on the web, a lot of blatant crap. I don't want to be lumped into that. Just getting on here and blowing out the bilges would put me into that category. What a waste of time.
So if some of you who've been here have been disappointed that I don't write more, I hope that this is some sort of an explanation for you.
There's more to come. I do have some material to share with you, such as the Para Ordnance LTC pistol that's en route here for testing that I'll tell you all about when that happens. I have a magazine article about holsters to finish the text for and when that's published I'll tell you where to find it. I have the shotgun ammo testing to finish posting as soon as digital images of the targets shot are done. The XDm has to be shot a bunch to see how it wrings out. So there's content to anticipate.
In the meantime, Lucie had to go to the vet for her thyroid, the pack had to go to the river and run for awhile, the NRA banquet was last night and was a ton of fun and raised money for Friends of the NRA, to help keep our culture alive. I went to the Dog Paddle to raise money for the dog park. I helped a neighbor after her house was broken into. I worked while I was getting over my gall bladder-ectomy and learned that I shouldn't have been pulling on so many fat patients while doing that. Ooops. I have a concealed carry class to teach in two weeks, in a new venue . I have to go the a gun show tomorrow to represent the Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed, and talk to our friends and members to try to get them motivated for the coming year and the challenges facing us. Time not blogging, but time well spent.
Life goes on. A good blog reflects that, but if it's the choice between living and blogging, the blog can wait. My friends, my family and my life come before internet pseudo-glory. Watch six.

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