Friday, September 12, 2008

Remembering a day of infamy

Never forget! Never forgive!

I didn't get to put anything up on the site about the anniversary of 9/11 yesterday. I was worn out from working the previous three nights, and got just enough sleep to make it to the Friends of the NRA banquet last evening. Then I came home, fed the dogs and fell out for ten hours.

But you better believe that all of us were thinking about it at the banquet, and talking about it.

I think about it all the time - the things that I saw on TV in real time, the atrocity inflicted on my countrymen, and I pray that we're worthy of the sacrifices made by the responders on that day and of all our military personnel since then.

God bless our Republic, but only as long as we show by our actions and our resolve that we deserve those blessings!

Doom to our enemies! Ruin to the foe and his allies!

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