Friday, September 5, 2008

Time just keeps rollin' along

Whew. I'm whipped. I've worked more than I wanted to in the last week, and am finishing up this shift and heading for home in a few hours.
But I shouldn't carp about it. I feel pretty decent for a guy who had surgery only two weeks ago. I've been free of any real complications, able to eat pretty much what I liked and have been living without much pain for the most part.
And then there's the news about Gov. Sarah Palin. Wow! What a woman! I caught just a bit of her speech and am hoping to be able to watch the rest on YouTube later today after sleeping for a few hours.
She has changed the whole game in this election. I intend to examine that at length in a posting later on this weekend. Got to work all that in along with playing with the dogs, taking Bodi to the Dog Paddle event on Saturday and trying to catch up on about ten different projects all in the same time frame.
Palin's gotten even me all fired up now. A smart, capable young woman who's not just another ancient slimeball from DC, who shares our values and is taking the fight straight to the scumbags on the Left - who could ask for more? Okay, we could get Palin AND chocolate and whiskey. If it means winning the election, I'll give up chocolate and whiskey for a year!

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