Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin thumbnail rant

Why do I like Sarah Palin so much?

Because she's not John McCain or YoBama or Bidenette.

She's smart. She thinks about her answers.

She has ideas, not positions.

She's thought about the things that she says, the things that she does and she's come to conclusions based on her own values system. She doesn't just fling out the party line of the day in response to questions from reporters.

She whipped Charlie Gibson's smug ASS!!! in that ABC interview! (Find and watch the whole thing, not just the excerpts posted by the liberal jackasses who live on YouTube and do nothing else.)

She doesn't have a lick of respect for the ossified entrenched archaic fossilized personages that pass themselves off as "institutions" in the halls of Congress. She always looks like she has in the back of her mind that old truth that everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time - everyone. Not only that, now Teddy Kennedy has to have someone put his on for him, so screw him and his acolytes all together.

She strikes me as someone with whom I'd like to spend an evening, along with her husband and her kids because she IS married, by God! and anyone hitting on her without respecting that is likely to get hit hard, literally! She can cook, work on engines, raise kids, shoot and God only knows what else, and be glad to be doing it instead of bitching about how hard it all is and how the world owes her something. The world owes her nothing because she's out GETTING what it is that she wants for her family, not sitting back waiting for it to happen.

She's not part of the machine. She's not a socialist. She's not dogmatic. She asks questions and looks at the philosophy of an issue, and then asks you to give her your viewpoint, and to DEFEND it.

She uses her brain for something besides storing up slogans!

She might have decided to go into politics. to venture down into that tar pit, but she seems to have done it for the reasons that people SHOULD go into politics - to fix things they don't like, to get the bastards who annoyed them or hurt them and to turn them out of office, to make a better world for their kids. There ARE good reasons to run for office and to try hard to win, and she personifies those.

She offers no apologies for having enemies, and for seeking to punish them. She has principles, and that makes enemies. Good! Your enemies define you just as surely as your friends do. Any woman who has Gloria Steinem as an enemy is okay with me!

I like her because she is who she is, not something that a machine has created, like Obamanation. She has defined herself and continues to do that, not to let others tell her who she is.

We can only pray that she holds onto these characteristics, but I feel pretty good about the likelihood of that given how she's held up so far.
Doom to our enemies! Press on, Palin!!!

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