Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party postscript

The Frankfort, Ky. Tea Party went really well - an enthusiastic crowd showed up with lots of signs and flags and attitude!

There's no other way to say it - people were pissed! The crowd was unhappy with Washington, DC, and with the legislature in Frankfort and with politicians in general. They brought their children, who had signs of their own, and sounded off loudly in response to the speakers who addressed the gathering.
We didn't have any counter-protesters, but then, I didn't expect any. The left isn't that energetic around here, and they damn sure know better than to try anything physical with Kentuckians.
I plan to post pictures of the event later on, have several irons in the fire just now and am hopping around going crazy. For now I just wanted to say that the turnout was good and that the people of this state were in harmony with the tens of thousands of others who turned out nation-wide to tell the government to get off our backs!
For those of you who support this kind of effort, don't forget to go to the Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solution's event at Applebee's park in Lexington this Saturday, April 18th - The Bluegrass Tax Liberation Day! See their web site here for more info.

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