Friday, April 24, 2009

Stand up, speak out, fight back!

It's hard for me to decide which is more chilling - the blatant attempts by the Obama administration to transform the character of this nation, the arrogance and shamelessness of their maneuverings or the apparent total lack of concern on the part of the Congress and the majority of the American public.

In a story at the Investor's Business Daily (here) they lay out what has already been done by the Obamas, both the Dark Lord and Michelle, to lay the groundwork for the new 'voluntary' youth indoctrination program that's sailing through the Congress even as you read this.  From long before his ascendance to the throne, these two have been working to twist the minds of young men and women, teaching them to hate their own country.
There's more about it here on the National Review blog.
As bad as the plain implications of this program are, what is worse is that no-one seems to give a damn about it!
How hard would it be for someone in the House or Senate to stand up in front of the TV cameras and spell out, one by one, the individual elements of this systematized brainwashing so that people could see it and know how dangerous and insidious it is?  Surely to God some brave souls in the Congress can muster up enough reporters at a press conference to denounce this, or at the least start releasing a blizzard of press releases and going onto the talk shows!
Yet this dark hulk of a death ship glided through through vote after vote in Washington, like a ghost in the night, under a fog of willful indifference on the part of our so-called representatives.
We know already about the corruption and rank illegality of the actions of ACORN in the last several years, yet here's a program that will do exactly what ACORN has done, and more, and all of it funded by the taxes we pay.  We are buying the chains that will enslave the minds of our children and in the end reduce this nation to a holding of vassals to socialism.  And it's all happening right in front of our faces while we gaze on, chewing our cud, content as cows mindlessly awaiting the hammer blow to the head that begins our trip to the slaughterhouse!
Some days I'm in awe of the sheer audacity of what Obama and his allies are methodically doing to this country, but that awe is rapidly transformed into fury. We are standing by with our hands in our pockets while a coterie of anti-capitalism maniacs is dismantling our system and using our money to pay for their wrecking crew.
Read the article and ask yourself how, in the name of all that's holy, can we be duped into paying for a system that will teach our children, is already teaching our young men and women, that the ills of this nation can all be laid at the feet of white men and capitalism, and that the government is the balm for all our ills?
We sit like frogs in a pot of slowly warming water, being cooked in increments, contemplating where to put our favorite lily pad while these radicals in nice suits slowly turn up the heat beneath us.  We are acquiescing in our own destruction and unless all of us wake up and begin to resist this rolling wave of legislation and regulation with all of our being then when we do finally open our eyes, we won't recognize the country in which we find ourselves.
It will be too bleak and hostile and drear to bear.
Read it.  Get mad.  Get ACTIVE!

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