Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New advisor to the President coming to DC

Rex the giant worm will soon be moving to Washington, DC.

In keeping with the tradition begun by many already serving in the new administration and by well-known Democrat consultant Bob Beckel (frequently seen sliming up the airwaves on Fox News) , Rex will be advising the president and his cabinet on lapses in ethics, broken campaign promises and egregious misconduct.
Rex has previously worked with members of Congress such as Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd and John Murtha among others (many others) but will now be concentrating his efforts in the White House.
"The Dark Lord will require all of my time for the immediate future since he has so many things he hopes to have the audacity to have the courage to say 'yes we can' to in order to be clear about his determination to change. He'll need my full-time input to know how low he can go." hissed Rex in an interview. "Transparency in government, the ruinous budget, bankrupting the nation - all of those things will require a level of slime and sleaze and belly-crawling that only I can bring to the cabinet. Then there's all those additional trans-nationalist slugs we intend to put into vital government positions. They'll have to be oozed and schmoozed through their confirmation hearings. And that doesn't even mention the obsequious groveling to foreign despots and America-haters during this last trip overseas. I'll have my work cut out for me!"
Rex will soon have his own salt-water tank in the Oval Office so that he and the Dark Lord can mind-meld at their leisure.

No comment was available from NObama at the time of this interview because his teleprompters were out of service.

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