Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lies, damn Lies and Holder's statistics!

Everybody who knows anything about guns knows that the full auto weaponry being used in the drug wars in Mexico and shown on the nightly news in all its gory grandeur didn't come from the USA.

You can't just amble into the local Dick's or Walmart and toddle out with armloads of rocket launchers and explosives and full auto weapons.
No, those things are being sold to the drug lords by other nations who have no scruples about taking their money, or by the Mexican army soldiers who are going AWOL and stealing the guns from their own arsenals on the way out the door.
The mainstream media have have once again been complicit as organs of state propaganda by parroting the false statistics being spouted by Clinton, Holder and others in order to push the drive for a re-enactment of the so-called assault weapons ban. The claim that 90% of the guns used in the drug wars in Mexico is a crafty distortion of the numbers designed to stampede the unwitting public into supporting the new ban.
Fortunately for those who care about the truth and our freedoms, the
Fox News Network has investigated this disinformatzia and has put the story exposing the lies on their web page here!
They've analyzed the
BATFE data and taken the time to get more of the story from the Mexicans themselves in order to tell us that it's more like 17% of the guns being seized come from the US, and that is only the ones with serial numbers that they can trace. The other, full-auto guns don't come with serial numbers and they don't come from the USA!!!
Fox will be running this story all day on their TV news network, so keep following the story!

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