Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is there life after blogging?

Has it really been that long since I posted anything here?

Yes, I guess it has been. Lots of reasons for that. I've changed jobs. I've succumbed to my annual bout of seasonal affective disorder. I've been so bummed out over losing Fooss that just seeing his photo on the blog reminds me again of the need to write his obituary and throws me for a loop. I've been busy with the dogs I still have, and fostering a new dog who went to her new home this week. I've been posting on Facebook, the fast and easy way to keep up in a very superficial fashion with your friends. I'm caught up in the politics of firearms here in Kentucky again, with the legislative session opening now and lots of work to do to get a special bill passed in this session. Add that to all the usual demands of life and critters and house maintenance and the business of living every day and it seems to leave precious little time for a blog. And there are so many blogs already out there - what would this one add to the world?
All kinds of excuses and reasons.
But I also have had to ask myself, am still asking myself, what do I want to do with this blog?
I realized after starting it that I'm more private a person than I thought I was. I'm not interested in the comments that people want to make about it, or me. I'm not interested in sharing my most intimate moments or thoughts. Some things aren't meant to be shared with the world at large, at least not in my world. I have thoughts that would likely cause problems if I were simply to blurt them out on a blog, opinions about people and work and the world that are too strong to put online.
So what's it for? Jeff Cooper said that was the salient question to ask about a firearm, or any tool. What's it for? What do you want to do with it?
I'm sure that I still want to write on this site, and I have some debts to pay, such as that long overdue ammunition report and Fooss's tribute. So there will be things on here in future. But the long range plan is still very uncertain. That's life.

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