Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Pit Bull, America's nanny dog!

For decades, Americans knew the pit bull not as a fighter, but as the loyal and loving companion of their children.


What a shame that assholes who abuse them have changed the world's perception of this wonderful breed.
When my daughter was a toddler, I had a roommate who had a handsome pit bull named Ted. I would say "Ted!" and he would look at me. I would point to Julia and say "Watch her!" and he looked at her, then back at me and you could almost see him nod and say "Gotcha!". Then he followed her around, never more than two steps away and inspecting everything that she picked up or got near. When he was with her in the yard I knew that nothing that walked on the North American continent could touch or harm that child. Ted would not allow it. He would have died to protect her.
Take a look at this web page and see what pit bulls really are all about. This is where they should be again, in our homes and caring for our precious children!
Do your part. Speak out to stop breed-specific legislation and stop the senseless slaughter of dogs whose only crime is to be "that breed" - a pit bull, the child's companion!

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