Monday, July 19, 2010

Long time, no postee...

It's been a busy summer. I'm working 50+ hours a week, all of it on nights and all of it 12 hour shifts, picking up overtime. It means a lot of time away from the house and the dogs, and precious little for the chore of blogging.

Lots has changed here. We have a new dog living with us as a foster child who was pulled from a pound where he was slated for death, now named Rudy - Rudy the Red, Rudy the Rude Boy - a young brash lively (and how!) bird dog mix of some sort who never slows down and never stops checking out things. He managed to get himself into something that tore a hole in his chest a couple of weeks ago and cost me $400 for that, but he's healing well and we'll be trying to find a home for him. I like him, but he's just too lively for this group and for me with all that I have going on right now and I don't have the time for him that I should. He deserves someone who's going to take him out and run him ragged and put him to bed at night worn out and dreaming of critters to pursue.

And at the end of May we lost Fooss, my grand old man of a dog. After ten wonderful years with this special handsome beast , he reached the end of his run. I still haven't put up a tribute to him because the wound is too deep, too painful and I don't want to skimp on his story, of what a great friend he was and how much he taught me about dogs and love and devotion. It'll come, but when I slow down enough to do him justice and I can stand to open that wound again.
Things change - life goes on, sometimes bittersweet, sometimes happy, often deeply sad - but there's no choice about it. Work to do, critters to care for, causes to defend - and more to say about it all in the weeks ahead, when I get my breath.
If you're interested I'm posting now on FaceBook, more often than here because it's easy to post blurbs and URLs. The blog is for more thoughtful things.
Bis spater.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I too know the pain of losing a great and loyal friend. My Max had been with me for 18 years, he was a mixed breed that could have passed for Benji's twin. I couldn't work for four days and I wasn't aware of the amount of tears that we are capable of making. The pain for me too is deep, but this was three years ago and I now have a new little one to fill the void but could never begin to take his place. As a child I often prayed for a dog of my own, one who would sleep with me and follow my every move, Max was the answered prayer. I am friend on FB with Mica and saw your comments on her thread and since I love dogs too, your blog caught my eye. Glad I stopped by! God Bless and once again, thank you for your service to our country.