Saturday, January 31, 2009

To sleep, perchance to dream.

I've worked as an RN for almost 27 years, in ICU and ER and public health and home health and temporary staffing in all sorts of units and as a travel nurse.

I've worked in 22 different hospitals in 2 different countries, and the years that I've enjoyed most in all of that have been the those spent working in Intensive Care in various university hospitals.
I like the learning environment and the collaboration between the docs and the nurses and all the other staff.

I like to be able to pick their brains, to ask about what they've read lately and what's changing in medicine and surgery.
These guys bust their butts when they're on duty, and whenever they can grab 40 winks you'd best believe that they take it. They deserve it. Working in ICU is tough a lot of the time, but the reward, knowing when you go home that you held off the Reaper for another shift, is worth it.

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