Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In the midst of the doldrums

Well, it's official. I'm in the winter blahs, the doldrums, the seasonal affective whatevers.

The last couple of weeks, whenever I haven't had to work, I've done some errands and taken care of the dogs and cats, and done a lot of reading - and that's about it.

I keep thinking about things that I'd like to write about, things that I WILL write about at some point, but just can't get up the get-up-&-go to get it going. I've read some good books, such as a biography of fighter pilot John Boyd, the man who personally changed the nature of aerial combat forever. When you read stuff like that, it's not wasted time.
The cats like it, of course. We now have a heated pad on the bed along with some new bedclothes and a new blanket, and they think that having my large warm corpus in the rack is just dandy. I move around, they stand up and wait for me to settle in, then snuggle in again and it's back to snoozeville.
Our newest cat, Nikita, joined us last summer - or was it before then, in 2007? In any case, it took her awhile to decide how she felt about being in a house with dogs and another cat and me. Now, she follows me around and curls up in the crook of my arm while I read. It's funny how tuxedo cats seems to have such distinct personalities, or maybe we just assign personalities to them because of their unique faces.
Whatever - she's decided that the food's okay and the lodgings are tolerable, and that it's okay to play and enjoy herself and use me for a heating pad.
It's not like having our old tuxedo, Chin-chin, back with us, but it's nice.
More to come in the days ahead, many topics to cover. For now, it's off to work.

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Brigid said...

What a great photo. I too look forward to coming home to a wagging tail and warm greeting no matter how bad the day has been.