Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A grand new adventure!

As much as I've always jumped in to offer my opinions on just about subject in which I have an interest, I've resisted getting into the blogosphere.
Don't get me wrong. I love to read other's blogs. I like the opportunity to express myself in a situation where I can just let 'er rip, damn the torpedos! But I've read some absolutely wretched stuff on the web - things that made me cringe, made me wonder about the judgement of the poster, things that were so badly written and misinformed that I was embarrassed for the writer, even if they were just as happy as a pig in a mud wallow with it.
I had no desire to go charging into this without taking a long time to think about it, taking a long deep breath and a long hard look at where I'd like it to go.
Having done that, today we embark on this cybervoyage. Won't be no great profundity, won't be no fabulousness but I can hope that every once in awhile I can come up with something that clicks, resonates or touches a reader, and provokes a thoughtful, even passionate response.
And passion's where it's at in all that we do or want to do, doncha think, friends? If you don't feel strongly about something after taking the time to think about it, hell, if you don't have a strong reaction to it just as soon as you see it then it's probably not worth thinking or writing about at all.
Big thanks to Michael Bane, Peter Grant and Marc Danziger (links to follow) for giving me a virtual kick in the seat to get this going.

"Lay on, Macduff, and damn'd be him that first cries 'Hold, enough!'"


Anonymous said...

let's see if this commments thing works or what?

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