Monday, May 18, 2009

Not just working on our tan 'round here.

Okay, so the weather has been really nice lately, even with all the rain that's blown through, and it's been a great time to be a bit lazy.

Truth is, I just started a new travel assignment and had to go to orientation all one week, then work a bunch of night shifts in the last two weeks. All that driving, working both days and nights and keeping up with all the stuff that goes with a new gig with a new company has tied up my time. When I get home, I just want to collapse.
All kinds of stuff going on - the NRA annual meeting just concluded and the Second Amendment Bash Bloggers were in full view this year, even had an article posted about them in the MSM.
Woulda been nice to be there, but things didn't work out.
Gotta go! Catcha later!


Brigid said...

Love the picture. I understand the travel thing. Enjoy this nice sunny Sunday.

I've got waffles going, a pot of coffee and a sleeping lab by my side. Going to be a nice day.

Chaz said...

Ain't nothin' better than hangin' out with yer critters! Unfortunately, I had to teach a concealed carry class this morning, but now I'm done with it and I'll take them out for cheeseburgers later. It's always good for a giggle to pull into the drive-through with five heads hangin' out the windows, waiting for the food to come! :-p
Now if we only had waffles! Lucky Barkley!