Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Speaking of 9mms

I would have loved to go out to the range during all this crappy weather but the roads were the pits.
It would have been grand to take some of the guns out to see how they performed in the colder temps we've been having. But the road to my gun club where I shoot isn't in the best of shape and I don't have an SUV nor nuthin' like that. Both my station wagons - excuse me, my station wagon and the DOGS' station wagon - have road tires on them so they don't go in the snow like they had oughta. Sideways, sometimes, yes, and without phoning ahead to let me know.
But all that sliding around (and my screaming) annoys both the dogs (it IS their car, after all) and my insurance agent and since right now I'd rather be buying mags and ammo and a really nifty little steel-framed Commander (that is going to be a limited edition from a major maker who agreed to make them that none of you know about yet - heh, heh, heh), I just can't afford to be paying higher insurance premiums.
So I'm staying at home except for rare forays out onto the more well-maintained roads.
I am getting in some dry-fire on the Para LTC and the Noveske carbine, dropping the hammer on the talking heads on cable news shows (I never shoot Fox News - they're on our side) so this weather isn't a total waste. Maybe all this front sight - press will have them slicked up when I can get back out to the club, and then we'll see if I can still remember that stuff about sight alignment and trigger control and all that jazz.
The Para feels nice. I like it. Wish I could shoot it here in town without annoying the neighbors. They wouldn't say anything to me, but I'm purty sure that nice young patrolman just up the street at the PO-LICE station would wanna discuss it with me. So I won't.
Hope you guys are staying warm. Front sight - press.

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