Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sad news from the pack

Despite the good news about guns and testing to do and the usual day to day events, there's something sad to add.

I'm not talking about the election. I'm resigned to that. It just means that we will finally be in the fight for our rights that we've been fearing for a long time. This will be the test of our resolve and our mettle that we've needed. We'll see who's committed to the fight, and which of us are only fair weather warriors.

No, the sad news now is that Lucie, our senior lady in the pack, has left us and gone on to scout ahead of us in the hereafter. It was very unexpected and abrupt, not at all something easy to accept or talk about just yet, probably not for a long while. She's just gone.

We lost Vanya only last year and I'm still getting over that. Now I have two kennels sitting side by side with their personal toys and bowls in them, doors closed - great dark empty spaces echoing and lonely.
In our family our dogs aren't just pets, they're our friends and mates, our siblings and our partners in life. They make our lives whole, richer, fuller. Their zeal and sheer joy in living is contagious. I treasure their companionship and relish the feel and smell of them, the sound of their baying when they're tuning up for a ride in the car.

Now we won't have Lucie leading the chorus with her special talking voice "woo-oo-ooing", dancing on her toes, eyes bright, ears up, eager.
I found myself standing by the open door of the car as they loaded up for a ride the other day, counting to be sure that they were all on board, and caught myself saying "come on, Lucie" since she and Churchill are always the last to mount up. Then murmuring again, softer, "come on, Lucie" when I realized what I'd said.

Come on, Lucie. Let's go riding. God dammit.

I hope she and Vanya are together again, working the trails, scenting the wind, relishing the smells like they always did here - tails up, noses down, quick, intent. I hope that they've found Sergei and are working as a pack again, cruising the tall grass, seeking game, running deer.

God, I miss those guys. Every time I lose one it's another shadow on my heart.

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Anonymous said...

I just lost my girl hounddog, Dixie Belle, recently. I know how you feel. I found this, maybe it will help.

Google "Rainbow Bridge."